lördag 9 augusti 2014

Well ridi'n is just more fun than writing.

Another summer has almost passed. And I have noticed that I tend to ride the bike less each season. so far this year I have only gotten a few  1000 km:s on the thing including a weekend trip with the swedish VTR-club to Norway and a couple of trackdays.
     I guess that reality caught up with me and i have to take all the little things and expenses in life in to consideration more now than what I had to before, nothing unnormal it's just life I guess.
   Anyways, the bike has run fine although i hade a minor issue  with it burning oil when cold and spat out blue smoke. that occured while I was on the trip to Norway and ehen we set of in the morning the temperature wasn't more than 6 degrees celsius. I Haven't hade the same issues later on in the summer when temperatures where more reasonable. I will check out the cause of it none the less.
     On the trackdays the bike worked perfectly, I have struggled a while with the bike doing some really loud exhaust noices when off the throttle. The problem didn't go away with doing the flapper and PAIR- mods so I was a bit frustrated to say the least. It turned out to be the exhaust clamps for the rear cylinder was completelely knackered and couldn't hold the pipe in place during the heavy enginge braking thus causing air to leak into the pipes causing the bang. The pipes where refurbished with new screws and cleaning of the threads and a bit of new paint and the problem is now gone.
     So back to the trackdays then. On the first one i used the OEM exhaust, wich was a bit of a bore.
On the second one I got hold of a pair of db-killers  meant for a set of Leovince pipes, so what I did was just drill a hole in my Termis and in they went. I really tried to make it as loud on the track as possible doing some low gear full accelerations just below the sound equipment on the track to see if it the db-killers did the trick and it did :). Got some desent laps and a good fight with a 954 fireblade. The weight of the Sp1 (and myself) did that the blade got ahead on the straights but I soon caught up with it again in the twisties.

söndag 9 mars 2014

Damnit spring is here.


My buddies went for a ride yesterday...
The first ride of the year....
In the sunshine...
Leaving me in the garage with my disassembled bike....

And because the budget is really stretched at the moment it will most likely be another couple of weeks before I can put the whole thing together. and when the temperature is currently over 10 degrees Celcius around here every day that goes by woithout being able to ride is a real agony.

So at least I got some stuff done while my buddies where away enyoying themselfes.
I got the flapper-mod and PAIR-mod done and it feels nice to finally have a bike that isn't limited by some stupid enviromental restrictions. And I probably shredded about a kilo of weight of the thing as well.
Now it's jusrt basic service stuff left, changing the plugs, airfilters and checking the valveclearance and because the bike is ripped apart already I reckon that it will take just a weekend of work to get it done.
After that it's time to install the PC3 and getting a basemap loaded into it until I van afford a proper mapping at a dynocenter.

So progress is happening just not fast enough.....

söndag 23 februari 2014

Haters gonna hate!

What the hell are you doing? You can't put those cans on a Honda! It isn't a f*cking Duc! 

Well if I had the money for some Satos or HRC style Ackras I would have bought those no questions.
But now the situation is that I don't have any money and these cans where butt cheap so they are staying, and I can always liven things up with my ghettostyle 2-1 LeoVince system now and then.

So I finally got some time with the bike today so I changed the oil and oilfilter and swapped the cans. I was supposed to do more stuff but parts that wasn't in stock when I layed down the order so I hade to settle with the oil and cans this time. I was going to shoot a video when I was working on the bike but the SD-crad for my GoPro is currently gone for some reason but when it turns up some moving pictures will find its way to this blog.

torsdag 6 februari 2014

Prepping and more prepping and then some.

I must admit that I love prepwork. Half the fun is in my opinion to make out how I'm going to execute my plan in the most organized and effective way. So I have booked two days later this month when I will do nothing else than work with the bike and until then I will make sure that as much as possible is sorted out so that I won't be standing there with for example missing parts or tools.

When I get filthy rich some day I will have my self a really nice garage/workshop with tile floor and colourcoded and labeled shelfs and storage units everywhere and a cleaning rag for my handtools. And in the middle of the room I will have a small barstool that I can sit on and just look around myself and just feel the atmosphere. And now and then I will probably do some work on my bikes (I will have a lot more bikes when I'm filthy rich).

So parts are being ordered at the moment, OEM parts from David Silver and some fun parts are finding it's way off eBay. Storage boxes are being labeled and tools are being prepped. The final thing will be to prep the garage and make sure that there sisn't going to be a lot of other stuff going on there simultaneously.

tisdag 28 januari 2014

Season three

If you watch a lot of tv-series you can tell that when the show enters its third season it usually takes a radical turn to keep the viewers interested. I'm aiming at that my bike also could follow that pattern. 
So the plan for this winters mods: Servicing with oil change, filter, air filter, sparkplugs, fluids and checking the valve clearances. Further enginework involves getting rid of the PAIR-system and the flapper valve. Also I will investigate in if there are some posibilities that a local high school can take care of some boring bodywork for me. 
I have been able to snatch up some fun parts during this winter. A pair of Termignoni slip-ons and a home made 2-1 leo-vince "full system", these will be accompanied with a Power Commander 3 USB. I'm thinking Termignoni pipes and stock fairings for those nice cruise days and deathgray fairings and the Leopipe for those murder and mayhem moments.

And here's a pic of my current toilet reading. 

tisdag 5 mars 2013

Starting to see the end of the tunnel, winter and the project for this time.

The good news has been pooring in this week. First Niklas told me that he had found a lump of aluminium so the caliper brackets isn't going to be steel as first intended.
Second I found a really cheap left side fairing on ebay so now I will have a complete set of trackday fairings.
And thirdly if things go my way the next couple of weeks a steering damper will find it's place on the bike also. Cross fingers.

In the next post I will try and put up a video of the bike.

fredag 1 mars 2013

Coming together

Almost new tank, got it real cheap to.
Brakes are almost done, they are currently going trough the final polish.